A new e-commerce platform delivering freshly roasted coffee beans direct to consumers from Australia’s leading specialty coffee roasters.

Breville, the iconic Australian brand that delivers award-winning coffee machines to consumers around the world, announces the launch of beanz.com — an e-commerce platform that provides a new digital destination to explore, learn, purchase, and subscribe to the highest quality, freshly roasted coffee.

Designed to seamlessly complement Breville’s internationally renowned espresso and coffee product portfolio, the third-wave coffee bean subscription provides an easy pathway and exclusive access to 18 of Australia’s top-tier coffee roasters and counting for the best at-home specialty coffee experience.


Having launched to critical acclaim in the US in 2021, and the UK in 2022, beanz.com is developed for consumer-facing discovery and education, with partner roasters representing a growing group of best-in-class, renowned, and emerging roasters. Key roaster partners in Australia at launch include ST. ALi, Pablo and Rusty’s, Veneziano, Allpress, Proud Mary, Seven Seeds, Padre and more.

With beanz.com, Breville aims to provide complete solutions to its customers with a total turnkey at-home coffee experience. The digital platform includes a personalised quiz to identify individual coffee preferences and tasting notes, starting with the very first question most people have after buying a coffee machine: Which beans do I use?

With more than 65 coffee options and roast profiles available, the site ensures a variety of possibilities for both the professional barista and beginner brewer, with dedicated expert advice, guidance on different roasts, and tips on how to bring out the best tasting coffee right from the first brew.

Ziv Shalev, General Manager, beanz.com says, “Using freshly roasted, quality coffee beans is the best way to deliver a top-notch in-home coffee experience through our award-winning machines. We uphold a commitment to excellence at Breville and believe that the best approach is to establish a connection between our customers and the best coffee roasters in the country. This enables us to provide a seamless service that delivers fresh beans directly to our customers’ doors, making it easier for them to enjoy exceptional specialty coffee right in the comfort of their own homes.”

For Lachlan Ward, CEO at ST. ALi, the alignment with Breville was an obvious choice.
“It’s incredibly exciting to be part of beanz.com and be able to share our products with an audience who are already engaged with great coffee and great home espresso equipment,” says Ward, “We are in esteemed company on the platform, with customers able to choose from some of the country’s best and brightest specialty roasters.”

The platform allows customers to explore and discover different coffee roasts, while providing expert guidance and tips along the way. The customer can also filter the coffee selection by a number of categories including roast preference, brew method, blend or single origin, certifications, or simply choose the Barista’s Choice journey to receive new and exciting beans with every delivery.

Jim Clayton, CEO, Breville says, “Our customers are relying on the fact that we know the fundamentals for delivering a true speciality coffee experience at home. By partnering with these outstanding roasters, we are able to support the specialty coffee community both in Australia and abroad, the coffee farmers who supply them, and help Australians find the right beans for their taste and machine.”

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