Boston, MA – Jimmy Butler, renowned NBA superstar and coffee aficionado, has taken his passion for specialty coffee to new heights with the launch of his BigFace Coffee brand. To bring his vision to life, Butler teamed up with Steven Monti, the designer and owner of Artpresso Design, to create customized espresso machines and barista accessories exclusively for the BigFace Brand.

Artpresso Design’s first challenge was the customization of the iconic La Marzocco Strada espresso machine, a symbol of excellence in the coffee industry for over 90 years. Monti and his team embarked on this ambitious project, ensuring that the customization stayed true to the machine’s authentic beauty while incorporating Jimmy Butler’s love for coffee and the distinct identity of the BigFace Brand.

“Working on customizing the La Marzocco Strada for BigFace Coffee was a thrilling experience,” said Steven Monti. “We aimed to infuse the machine with the true essence of Jimmy’s passion for coffee and create a showpiece that would represent the dedication and spirit of the BigFace Brand.”


The customization process involved presenting various drawing concepts to the BigFace Team, who chose their preferred features. Monti then crafted prototypes to ensure a seamless fit and visualize the impact of the proposed changes. Unique customizations, such as a distinctive shaped cup rail and laser-etched clear glass side inlays, were introduced to showcase the intricate details and inner workings of the machine. The machine’s structure featured a custom white powder-colored finish, with the BigFace logo in a striking red color, paying homage to Jimmy Butler’s NBA team.

In addition to the La Marzocco Strada, Artpresso Design also customized a La Marzocco Linea Mini exclusively for Jimmy Butler. The top plate of the machine proudly displays the BigFace logo, serving as a captivating grid interface.

The collaboration between Artpresso Design and the BigFace Coffee brand doesn’t stop at espresso machines. In the near future, Monti and his team will extend their expertise to create customized barista accessories, including milk pitchers, towels, and tamper and distributor tool sets, further enhancing the BigFace brand’s commitment to excellence in specialty coffee.

“This collaboration with the BigFace brand has been an incredible journey so far,” added Steven Monti. “We are excited to continue bringing innovation and style to the world of coffee craftsmanship. Stay tuned for more exciting developments this fall.”

For more information about Artpresso Design and the BigFace Coffee brand, please visit their respective websites at:

About Artpresso Design
Artpresso Design is a renowned design studio specializing in the customization of espresso machines and barista accessories. With a passion for coffee and a commitment to exceptional design, Artpresso Design aims to elevate the coffee experience through innovative and visually stunning creations.

About Big Face Coffee
BigFace Coffee is Jimmy Butler’s specialty coffee brand, dedicated to delivering outstanding coffee and creating a world where dreams are bigger and smiles are wider. Through their commitment to specialty coffee and a passion for excellence, BigFace Coffee aims to introduce the mainstream consumer to top-tier specialty coffee while providing connoisseurs with an unforgettable coffee experience.

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