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While there is no doubt that computers and the internet allow us to work with high speed and efficiency and communicate with our clients and customers almost instantaneously, one needs to worry about the efficiency with which we maintain our IT network. We need the help of it support and services professionals who can take care of our problems and solve them quickly and efficiently. Although there are many companies out there who offer such support, the EBC Group is the leader in the United Kingdom. Find below some of the stuff with which they can help you.

Extra information about it support and services


When viruses like cryptoware encrypt all of the data in our computer's hard disk drive, we can restore the old data through backups. However, professional backups are not for the faint of heart. It requires methods such as daisy-chaining to ensure foolproof backups. Two backup drives are used in this method. The first drive contains data of the first, third, fifth, and seventh day of the week, while the second drive contains data of the second, fourth, and sixth day of the week. This system ensures a maximum loss of a day's worth of data.


You might have the best anti-virus software installed on your computer's hard disk drive, but there is no guarantee that your laptop is safe from viruses. Although the manufacturers of popular and reputable anti-virus programmes try to add signatures of new viruses, it is sometimes not possible for the manufacturers to keep pace with the latest variant of viruses. In such a scenario the thoroughbred professionals of EBC Group will depend on the backups to restore the data of your computer.

Helpdesk support

Sometimes there is no time to wait for the experts of the IT service & support company to reach your place. In such emergencies, the help desk support specialists of EBC Group are the people to approach for providing technical support and assistance to hardware, software, and computer systems. They are responsible for replying to your questions as well as addressing user and system issues in a professional and timely manner.

Email management

You can end up wasting a considerable amount of an employee's time by handling email ineffectively. You need the help of a professional IT Services and support company to limit the time you spend processing email in a given session, as well as limiting the number of times your employees process mail in a day.

Outlook recovery

Outlook might be a good email processing software, but it is infamous for its habit of crashing when the user needs it the most. In the worst-case scenario, it will not open the mailbox. A professional technician can help you with this issue by restoring appointments, emails, contacts, attachments, journals, calendars, notes, tasks, etc. from damaged OST and PST files from Outlook.

Remote monitoring

The professional technician keeps an eye on your computer's screen from their office. The moment they find something wrong, they try to fix it remotely or send their support staff to your office to fix it.

Everything available with the EBC Group

You can find solutions for your entire office computer network issues with the help of the professionals of EBC Group. Contact them today.