Simple systems, speedy service.

Fast Casual POS

Deliver faster service and better customer experiences with Lavu’s fast casual POS.

Get a Fast Casual POS Built with Restaurants in Mind

While there are many point-of-sale systems on the market, the best choice for a fast casual restaurant will always be the POS created with QSRs in mind. Lavu’s POS is built by restaurant people for restaurant people so you always get what you need to offer speedy service and great customer experiences.

Features of Lavu’s Fast Casual POS

Get features that help you manage the ordering process with ease and efficiency.

iPad Touchscreen POS System

iPad Touchscreen
POS System

Use the technology your customers and staff already know and love with touchscreen iPad POS terminals and self-ordering kiosks.

Customization & Combo Creators

& Combo Creators

Easily adjust orders to allow for order customizations and use prompts to add combos, sides, and drinks with just a few taps.

Online Ordering & Grab-and-Go

Online Ordering
& Grab-and-Go

Keep orders flowing and customers happy by using online ordering options that support grab-and-go pick-up and delivery services.

Flexible Self-Ordering Options

Flexible Self-Ordering Options

Offer self-ordering options that best serve your guests from standing kiosks and tableside tablets to customer-facing screens at ordering counters.

Reliability & Security

& Security

Never worry about downtime or security issues with PCI-compliant payment processing that can accept payment even if the internet goes out.

Customer Loyalty & Cash Discounts

Customer Loyalty
& Cash Discounts

Offer great options to customers through loyalty programs and cash discounts that reward guests and help your business earn and save more.

Get Easy Set Up & 24/7 Support

Lavu is a group of restaurant people providing solutions for restaurant people. We know what it’s like to run a restaurant. You have a lot on your plate and don’t have a lot of time for setting up your point-of-sale system. That’s where we come in.

  • Work with our team to customize your fast casual POS to work exactly like you need it to. Start with the features that work for you and hide the tools that don’t.
  • Lavu is payment processor-agnostic. If you have a payment processor you already like, easily integrate it or simply add on Lavu Pay.
  • Send us your menu photos and descriptions, and sit back while we set up your POS for you. We’ll also train you to make changes on your own with ease.
  • Get 24/7 customer support to make changes and add new features as your restaurant grows and evolves.

Speed Up Orders and
Improve Operations

Lavu’s fast casual POS will help you speed up and improve your ordering processes, but it can do so much more than that. Lavu’s POS offers over 200 features that allow you to run your business better.

– Use reporting to monitor sales data and trends.
– Track fulfillment times and employee performance data.
– Manage employee clock-in and clock-out.
– Make menu changes from anywhere at any time.
– Easily track inventory and available menu items.
– Leverage Lavu’s API to integrate any other software you use to run your business.

Take a Tour of Lavu’s
Fast Casual POS

See all of Lavu’s fast casual POS features in action. Get a free demo so you can see exactly how Lavu can help your restaurant deliver faster service and better customer experiences.

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