Triple Co Roast is a coffee company out of the UK that’s been roasting coffee in Bristol for just over seven years. In 2022 they’ve debuted a fresh new look with the help of the Belfast branding team Angel and Anchor. Their original design was a home-built effort that celebrated clean Scandinavian aesthetic, and with the help of Angel and Anchor, Triple Co were able to create an entirely new look with fresh colors, bold patterns, and whimsy.

We spoke with founder Jo Thompson to learn more.

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Tell us about Triple Co Roast. When did y’all open? What’s your approach to coffee?

So I started the business coming up to 7 years ago now. I grew up in Bristol, UK working in cafe’s and speciality coffee shops, slowly getting more into coffee with each job. I then moved out to California for a couple of years, and whilst out there got completely hooked on roasting. I ended up spending some time and volunteering with a few roasteries out there, roasting at home, reading books and listening to pods etc, continually falling down the rabbit hole. During my second year I built a business plan with a few friends, and then moved home to Bristol to start it up! I started super small and organically, renting a small corner of a bakery in the centre of Bristol to roast in. From there we’ve grown over the years and are now in our 3rd space with our 3rd roaster, a restored 25kg Probat!

Triple Co is all about our three core founding principles. Firstly, always buying speciality coffee, high grade tasty bean and using that as our preliminary guide. Secondly doing it via direct connections and trade where possible, so we regularly visit and buy from a group of producers in Nariño, Colombia. Lastly, being open access and transparent, inviting people into the roastery to ask questions and explore coffee. It was a huge part of me getting into coffee, the guys out in California being so open, so it was something I wanted to emulate here also.


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Tell us about the packaging! When did it debut? Who designed it?

So we rebranded last Jan! It was time to up our branding game. I’d built the first brand my self, using apps and various tools to create a cool but ultimately un-cohesive brand. It was born from a love of the Copenhagen style coffee companies, clean lines and white spaces. Almost lab style brewing, and something we’d moved away from as a brand. We are deeply passionate about good coffee, but we also love getting our hands dirty, pulling apart espresso machines by day and old cars by night.

I’d seen the studio Angel & Anchor who has done some cool work for Guilt Trip in N. Ireland, and reached out to Ben to ask for some help with rebranding. He brought it all together in a beautiful cohesive and bright packaging that represents us. You can read about it here.

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What coffee releases are you currently excited about?

We always try and buy super interesting/different coffees here, and I’m really excited about relaunching some Madagascan coffee we’ve been buying for the last year or so. It’s the only estate in Madagascar producing speciality grade Arabica, and the cup quality is quite unique. We’ve also had our first container of fresh juicy Colombians just landed at the roastery—the guys we work with are using beer brewing tech to control fermentation and produce some exceptional anaerobics.

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What’s next for Triple Co Roast?

We’ve just launched our fully bio based wooden Nespresso capsules, so I think the next step for us is trying to get them out a little more! They’re really cool as they are made 100% from wood shavings and starch, meaning it’s a from the earth to the earth kind of cycle. We like to think looking at what goes into compostability is just as important as the outcome.

Thank you!

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